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If you are looking to develop care giving as your career, this is the right place for you. In the urban homes, both the parents are away from home and no one is there to look after children and young babies & elders. Nanny‛ s job responsibilities cover taking care of the child & elders, feeding, bathing, dressing, and personal grooming. Nanny also takes care of medications and coordinates with physicians for the healthcare of the children & elders.

  1. Membership from Canadian International Nanny Association (CINA).
  2. Launch 1st time in Mukerian on high demand of Job Seekers for PR in overseas like UK, Canada, Italy Australia & so on.
  3. Minimum 5 bands required for Canada PR with Spouse & Family.
  4. Without IELTS in other nations for PR Visa.
  5. Valid Internationally Certified course.
  6. Minimum Qualification 10+2 with age 18 to 45.
  7. Courses Childcare as well as old age care with Home Management skills.
  8. Provides medication and coordination with physicians for health care.
  9. Lucrative profession with a High salary in abroad.
  10. Highly respective job with low investment & less efforts converts in strong financial aids.

Nanny Skills Program

The programme for nanny training prepares learners to take up the profession of caregiver. Here are some highlights of the curriculum for our course.

• Basics and essentials of child care and elders.
• Bathing and dressing.
• Meal planning and nutrition.
• CPR and First-Aid training.
• Familiarizing with common child & elders problems.
• Handling common child & elders healthcare issues.
• Coordinating with the healthcare team.
• Safety issues for children & elders.
• Understanding child & elders psychology.
• Play and learning in the early and old age.
• Training for communication.

A professional nanny provides complete childcare in a family setting. They specialize in child & elder care and taking care of health.

Career Opportunities for Nanny

Nanny is a lucrative profession one can have in overseas countries like UK, USA, Germany, Spain, Italy, and other developed countries.

Nannies are in high demand in developed countries for many reasons. Nannies with good command over English are also highly preferred. It is one of the respectable jobs in many families around the world. With both the parents working and no one to take care of children, the demand for nannies is higher than ever before.

Families are concerned about hiring only trained nannies instead of untrained ones. A certification course in nanny helps to earn lucrative remuneration in overseas countries. A trained nanny has high chances to get work visas in many western countries as well as in Australia and New Zealand.

Benefits of Training in Nanny Classes

If you love babies & dedicated to elders and love being with them, the nanny is a right profession. Without any higher studies, you can earn well as a caretaker.

Countries like UK and USA held trained persons in high regard. Hence, it is important to have training in child care. A professional training will help to get high paying jobs in good household set-ups. Hence, our training centre train nannies to become aware of all the important aspects of the child care & Elder. Families today do not prefer untrained nannies. They believe trained caretakers are more safe and reliable for babies and elders.

Nannies trained at Bramptton Institute achieve a high level of qualification and knowledge for child & elder caring. They are equipped to help children & elder and able to communicate with the families. We assess skills and readiness to care for babies as well elders and develop right baby care skills apart from elder best career opportunities.

Bramptton Institute is a right place to learn and grow for a variety of careers. All our trainers are experienced in relevant work and provide right guidance to all the candidates with one-to-one attention.


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