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Short Term Courses

Basics of Computer (CCOA) required for Govt Jobs in all fields, Data Entry Operator, Typing Master, Spoken English, Interview Preparation (Embassy & Job Interview).

1. Get High-Paying Jobs

The market has many high-paying jobs, and you need the skill to get them. Every company is looking for talented individuals for different technical roles. They look for skills that are not present in a traditional curriculum. Short term courses with high salary can help you gain financial freedom quickly. 

Taking job oriented courses can help you learn these skills. This way, you’d be able to seize the opportunity whenever it presents itself. 

short term courses

For example, blockchain developers are earning up to 45 lakh per annum in India. The demand for these skills is sky-high, but the supply of professionals is meagre. These type of short term courses are in high-demand in 2021. When you are taking job oriented courses, make sure you have a passion for it. 

2. Hands-on Knowledge

If you take your professional short term courses from a reputed and reliable provider, you’ll get to try out your knowledge on real-life projects as well.job oriented courses

Trying out your knowledge in real projects will help you in finding out where you stand and what are your weaknesses. Professional job oriented courses come with multiple projects where you can test your expertise. The constant support from a mentor also helps you in making fast progress. The short term course should provide hands-on on current technologies. 

3. Unlock More Opportunities

When you learn a brand-new skill, you open up more opportunities for your career. You can enter sectors which you couldn’t think about applying for just a while ago. 

For instance, if you’re a graduate with a non-tech degree, you might think that getting a job in the tech sector is impossible (or highly improbable).

job oriented courses

These short term courses help you get the experience you need to enter new sectors. If you want to switch careers or get into a fast-growing industry, taking a course would be very beneficial. 

Best Short-term Job-Oriented Courses

1. Product Management Certification Program 

The demand for product managers has surged in the past few years. Companies need product managers so they can ensure the success of their launches and maintain steady growth.

This 5-month long short term course by upGrad includes over 160 hours of learning and training. But the catch is that you can learn at your preferred pace and convenience. It has experts from Zomato, PayTM, Myntra, and many other leading companies. After completing the course, you get certification from Duke Corporate Education faculty, which is one of the leading global corporate educators. These types of job oriented courses help you reap a good ROI. 

job oriented courses - product management


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